Weekend Trip

This weekend coming up, I’m travelling for 6 hours in the car to the bay area to visit my parents. It’s such a quick trip, but I’m always confused on what to pack and if the weather is going to change dramatically. While there we plan to go to San Francisco, wine taste, and go shopping. I’m going to be spending most of my time with my Mom and Grandma, while Jeff spends time with my Dad and Grandpa. Jeff has never been up to Northern California before so it will be fun to show him around and go somewhere new and different. I haven’t gone to visit my parents since Summer 2013, so it will be nice to get out of LA and breathe some clean fresh air 🙂


Here are some of my tips and tricks to travel light and use the most space in your suitcase as possible!

Roll and Layer: Take your soft items (t-shirts, PJs, etc.) and roll them up. Then, take skirts, pants, shirts and dresses and layer them on top of each other and leave the sleeves out. Put the rolled, soft items in the center of the suitcase. Layer the sleeves, bottom of dresses, etc. to create space on the edges of the suitcase so you can put accessories there.


Manage Wasted Space: Every inch of the suitcase counts! Shoes take up the most space. Put socks inside of the shoes. Undo belts and layer them in the edge of the suitcase.

3 to 1: For every pair of pants or skirt, pack three tops.

Accessorize: You can change the outfits completely just by changing the accessories; saves space in packing, especially if you put your accessories inside of your shoes or along the edges.

Colors: Keep the same color theme throughout so you can pack less clothes and change out items to make different outfit combos.



I’ll post pictures from my trip when I get back 🙂





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