Be A Better Shopper

shopping problems



Step One: Leave the kids at home

In fact, don’t bring anyone who doesn’t want to shop as much or as little as you do. This includes your friends and significant other too. Bring someone who has the same goals as you, or go alone. Your experience will be a lot more fun and satisfying! You’ll get more done and won’t be distracted—plus, whoever is with you won’t be sitting around bored waiting for you.

Step Two: No question is a stupid question

Once in the store, find a sales associate and ask questions! Describe the items you like online, or better yet give her the exact style number. If you’re looking for a petite, tall, or plus-size section, ask where you can find it. Ask about current sales, promotions, and specials. Associates are trained to help you with these questions. They are there to help. They want you leave the store happy so you’ll want to come back.

Step Three: Seek Advice

This is definitely important if you are shopping alone or shopping with a too-nice friend. Different body types, skin tones, and hair styles look better in certain styles and not-so-good in others.


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