How to Spot Vanity Sizing

Think you gained weight? Think again….You may not have gained weight, but you may just be a victim of vanity sizing.  From a study by, women spent 32 million on clothes last year and that’s partially why vanity sizing exists. If you measure jeans, all the same size (2, 4, 6 traditional sizing) but from different stores, the inches in the waist band will be different. There’s really no size 6, it’s whatever the store decides to make it. There are so many cuts and styles of jeans out there, that it hasn’t been regulated. Ultimately the best way to buy jeans is to be number blind and use these steps to find clothes that fit you.

5 Steps to Find Your Size, Every Time:

1. Reclaim your size and understand that the numbers in the clothing aren’t always true.

2. Have a trusted brand. You have to know what brands work for you, especially if you shop online.

3. Consider the cut that you’re wearing. 

4. Beware of stores that have young branding — some of these size them very differently. They want to target a teen demographic and make others feel younger, skinnier and smaller.

5. Know your measurements and shop with a tape measure!


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