making: time to go on runs to get healthy and feel better about my body.
cooking: anything and everything that includes quinoa…I have been finding some delicious ways to cook it…and I am addicted!

drinking: wine and coffee – of course!

reading: Flowers in the Attic. I would highly recommend it.

wanting: ….to Trust…and to always feel the joy of contentment. Even when times are challenging.

looking: at ways to budget my money better from week to week.

playing: with my guinea pig Daisy.

wasting: gas driving around LA

sewing: nothing

wishing: that I owned a home

enjoying: life and time with my boyfriend…and the peaceful weekend afternoons I have been having lately.

waiting: for Summer

liking: anything with floral print

wondering: when I’ll get a job

loving: Hart of Dixie

hoping: to have a job soon

marveling: at God’s plans…

smelling: pizza

needing: to grocery shop

wearing: gym clothes

following: my intuition

noticing: how lonely i feel lately

knowing: life is short. I am blessed and that I need to recognize it more.

thinking: about my future

bookmarking: clothes i want to buy when i have more money

opening: the fridge to get a glass of water

giggling: at hart of dixie

feeling: excited and ready to move on to the next chapter of life…even when my insides flutter a little bit thinking about it.


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